Lower back pain solutionAcupuncture Monroe NJ – Back and Neck pain, Plantar Fasciatis, Achiles Tendonitis, Piriformis Syndrome, Tinnitus. Disk herniation, Spinal stenosis, Pinched nerve, hands and legs numbness. Knees and Shoulders pain. Fibromyalgia.

Acupuncture office located at 1989 Englishtown Rd, Monroe, NJ 08831.
Please, SMS me at my cell: 908-492-1457 for appointment. Email:

Acupuncture License 25MZ000787000. Licensed by NJ State Board of Medical Examiners (2010).
Acupuncture experience since 2008. Massage experience since 1988.
Massage License # 18KT00052300. Recommendations from NJ Devils players, medical doctors, attorneys.

Acupuncture & KYI. We are OPEN. Safety – #1 priority. I am vaccinated.

COVID-19 safety plan. Social Distancing. Masks. 15 min between patients.We are keeping up with the guidance of the World Health Organization, state and local authorities related to travel, quarantine, meetings and events, and we will continue to adjust our guidance accordingly.

UV lamp working (kills all germs and viruses) 15 minutes between patients. Social Distancing – maximum 2 patients in 4 rooms.

We already had fairly strict virus protection hygiene practices at our acupuncture office.
Hand-washing, sanitizing, not touching our face, and wiping down all touched surfaces after sessions were all already part of our normal daily routine.  All sanitizers at the studio will have at least a 60% alcohol content as recommended by the CDC.

Acupuncture & KYI. Acupuncture Monroe NJ – new patients – welcome!

Acupuncture at 1989 Englishtown rd., Monroe NJ

Acupuncture and VIP acupuncture:
Licensed Acupuncturist – Leonid Belenitsky, M.S., L.Ac., L.M.T. – about.
1 – 30-45 min session – hands on plus 5-15 min of relaxation.
– Full VIP Acupuncture session – 45 min hands on. Why – VIP level? 3 sets x 15 min hands on.
– Tinnitus acupuncture treatment.
– Special Seniors discount treatment.
– 15 min treatment with 5-15 min of Relaxation – available. Please, SMS me at my cell: 908-492-1457 for appointment.

2 – Conditions what we treat. Specializing to Neck and Lower Back pain, Stress, Anxiety.
3 – We are NOT DOING car accidents, work comp, PIP. We are NOT in Network – OUT of Network only.
Article: “VIP Acupuncture. Timing of the Procedure”.
Article: “Acupuncture at 1989 English-town Rt., Monroe NJ”.
Please download our Fee_Insurance Financial Policies and sign for your appointment.

Acupuncture solution for Plantar Fasciitis with Therapeutic Massage, Vibration therapy, Micro current stimulation.

Acupuncture solution for Plantar Fasciatis with Therapeutic Massage, Vibration therapy, Micro current stimulation.

According the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “approximately 1% of U.S. adults reported a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis in the last year, and more than 3/4 of them reported having plantar fasciitis pain in the previous month. Females (1.19 percent) were 2.5 times more likely to report plantar fasciitis than males (0.47 percent)”.

In fact, the American Podiatrist Medical Association “conducted a study that revealed 77% of Americans (18 and up) suffer from foot pain. Approximately 2,000,000 people in the United States will suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, one of the most common foot pains.

Procedure: NO NEEDLES for PAINFUL AREA! First – local map of the pain and distal points map creation – 10 min
Second – hand massage around painful area with Trigger points, pressure points – 15 min.
Third – Tsubo therapy (machine, vibrational) massage 1600-2400 movement per minute – 5-10 min.
Fourth – electric stimulation – 15 – 25 min with DISTAL Acupuncture points – we always using the best quality acupuncture needles.

Tinnitus Acupuncture solution – Monroe NJ. Statistics of the problem (USA).

tinnitus acupunctureAccording to American Tinnitus Association, “Millions of Americans experience tinnitus, often to a debilitating degree, making it one of the most common health conditions in the country. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 15% of the general public — over 50 million Americans — experience some form of tinnitus.

According “Parkinson’s News Today” – “Tinnitus, a sensation of sound without any source, appears to precede Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and may serve as a sign of increased risk for those conditions, according to a recent study. Tinnitus Acupuncture – Monroe NJ – Please, SMS me at my cell: 908-492-1457 for appointment.

Acupuncture POINTS LACATION for Tinnitus – NOT IN the EAR! Below the knee and above the ankles. Below the elbows and above the wrist.

Acupuncture KYI – Old Bridge / Monroe / Jamesburg / Spotswood – NJ 08831.

Licensed Acupuncturist – Leonid Belenitsky, M.S., L.Ac. # 25MZ000787000.

SMS for appointments – (no calls – text only) – 908-492-1457. Therapeutic massage Old Bridge NJ.
30 minutes hands on – $100 with Electrical Stimulation 15 min.
45 minutes hands on – $150 with Electrical Stimulation 15 min.

Thai Massage = Passive clients stretching – legs, hips, arms. 30 minutes hands on – $80 with Electrical Stimulation 15 min.
Achiles Tendonitis for basketball athletes –  30 minutes hands on – $100 included Electrical Stimulation 15 min.
Knee pain treatment – for soccer athletes – 30 minutes hands on – $100 (checks or cash) included Electrical Stimulation 15 min.

1989 Englishtown Rd., Monroe NJ 08831 – near Old Bridge, Spotswood, Morganville, Marlboro, Jamesburg.

Acupuncture at 1989 Englishtown Rd., Monroe NJ 08831

Acupuncture office located at 1989 EnglishTown Rd, Monroe, NJ 08831. Phone: 908-492-1457. Please SMS me – only Text messages work.
12.2017 – published. After year – 12.2018 – 10,000 views. Two years later – 12.2019 – 60,000.
Acupuncture Monroe NJ – 12.2020 – 80,860.


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32 Responses

  1. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Susan Morris from Monroe TWP.
    2 reviews
    3 months ago
    This place is wonderful! Leon is a miracle worker. I had terrible back pain and he has given me such relief. Totally hands on with great home instructions too. The office is spotless and all Covid precautions are taken seriously! If you have aches and pains I would highly recommend this place!!!

  2. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Gary Pyatigorsky
    Local Guide · 243 reviews · 105 photos
    3 days ago
    Best acupuncturist Old Bridge NJ. I have been suffering from lower back pain for years and after 10 sessions the pain was getting much better. I highly recommend them for acupuncture.
    Response from the owner3 months ago
    Gary! Thank you very Much! You are the best!

  3. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    From Google sites Acu & KYI REVIEWS. Alex Dreytser
    4 reviews
    4 months ago
    This office is very clean. Hand sanitizers everywhere. Appointment always starts on time. Acupuncture is painless, calm, slow, with an understanding of the client’s characteristics. I always like to come here. Would recommend to everyone. Trigger point massage is sometimes painful, but no pain – no gain. I like the strong trigger point massage – after a session with the Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute I always feel good. I have been visiting this office once a week for four years now. My chronic pain is gone. If you hate the Health Care conveyor – here you will be trated systematically, efficiently and consistently.
    Alex (Marlboro, NJ)

  4. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Виталий Павленко
    1 review · 1 photo
    3 months ago
    Леонид Михайлович сердечно благодарю за все те бесценные знания которые я от вас получил.

    (Translated by Google)
    Leonid Mikhailovich, I sincerely thank you for all the invaluable knowledge that I received from you.

  5. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Роман Балаклеец-Олейник
    Local Guide · 30 reviews · 1,648 photos
    3 months ago
    Много лет слышал только хорошие и добрые слова в адрес этого специалиста.

    И вот в прошлом году удалось лично познакомиться, пообщаться.
    Имея личный опыт в практиках работы с телом более 17 лет – однозначно рекомендую этого специалиста. Глубина знаний – поражает любое воображение. Ну а для простых людей нужно знать что специалист очень компетентен (что подтверждают его сертификаты, многолетний опыт и множетсво довольных клиентов).

    Если вам посчастливится встретиться вживую (попасть на прием) к данному специалисту – считайте это подарком Судьбы. В какой бы вы стране ни жили.

    (Translated by Google)
    For many years I have heard only good and kind words addressed to this specialist.

    And last year I managed to get to know each other personally, to communicate.
    Having personal experience in the practice of working with the body for over 17 years, I definitely recommend this specialist. The depth of knowledge – boggles any imagination. Well, for ordinary people you need to know that the specialist is very competent (which is confirmed by his certificates, many years of experience and many satisfied customers).

    If you are lucky enough to meet live (get an appointment) to this specialist – consider it a gift from Destiny. In whatever country you live.
    Response from the owner3 months ago
    Роман, спасибо огромное.

  6. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Рената Медведева
    1 review
    3 months ago
    Обучалась довольно длительный период. Много исчерпывающих знаний, понимание ситуаций, видения ! В лекциях очень много подсказок дающие ключи к решению практически любой задачи! 🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆💓💓💓

    (Translated by Google)
    She studied for a rather long period. A lot of comprehensive knowledge, understanding of situations, vision! There are a lot of tips in the lectures that give the keys to solving almost any problem! 🙏🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆💓💓💓

  7. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Светлана Долгу
    1 review
    3 months ago
    В мире много разной информации о Йоге и чакрах, всё красиво и как волшебная сказка. Но только в лекциях этого института самым подробным образом и на простом понятном языке рассказывается о том, как применить это к реальной земной жизни, о том, для чего человеку Жизнь и как стать счастливым, используя знания и навыки Карма-Йоги

    (Translated by Google)
    There is a lot of different information in the world about Yoga and chakras, everything is beautiful and like a fairy tale. But only in the lectures of this institute, in the most detailed way and in a simple understandable language, is it told about how to apply this to real earthly life, about what life is for a person and how to become happy using the knowledge and skills of Karma Yoga

  8. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Viktoria Protsak
    1 review
    3 months ago
    Хочу поблагодарить за лекции, которые выложены в открытом доступе. Очень помогают многое понять и осознать в жизни, посмотреть на ситуации с другой точки зрения. А это, постепенно приводит и к реальным изменениям, что особенно ценно.

    (Translated by Google)
    I would like to thank you for the lectures that are available in the public domain. It helps a lot to understand and realize in life, to look at situations from a different point of view. And this gradually leads to real changes, which is especially valuable.

  9. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Yogi Matsyendranath
    1 review
    3 months ago
    Хочу и от себя написать о Леониде Михайловиче Беленицком. Я к нему ездил в Харьков изучать йогу, это было с начала 90-х и до середины 90-х. Несколько лет назад, мы с ним опять встретились в Торонто, я до этого время жил и учился в Индии, и других восточных странах, многое изменилось и у меня, и у него с тех пор. Это человек глубокой мудрости, жизненного опыта, очень глубокий и достойный практик. Последние лет пять мы востановили наше общение. Общение с ним для меня не перестало быть интересным, несмотря на то, что так долго мы развивались внешне в разной среде. И хотя последние годы я проводил много семинаров в самых разных странах, свободно читаю и перевожу с санскрита, хинди, для меня идеи ЛМ, до сих пор остаются очень ценны. Я просматриваю его видео, черпаю из них много актуальных советов, разумных идей, более того, сущностно то чему он учил, очень сходиться и с тем, что я открыл в Индии. Может разные термины, внешне разная культура, но основные законы и принципы практически идентичны. Такой будет мой фидбэк! सर्व मङ्गलम сарвамангалам (всех благ)!

    (Translated by Google)
    I would also like to write on my own account about Leonid Mikhailovich Belenitsky. I went to see him in Kharkiv to study yoga, it was from the beginning of the 90s to the mid-90s. Several years ago, we met again in Toronto, before that time I lived and studied in India and other eastern countries, much has changed both for me and for him since then. This is a man of deep wisdom, life experience, a very deep and worthy practitioner. For the last five years we have restored our communication. Communication with him has not ceased to be interesting for me, despite the fact that for so long we have developed outwardly in a different environment. And although in recent years I have conducted many seminars in various countries, I freely read and translate from Sanskrit, Hindi, for me the ideas of LM are still very valuable. I watch his videos, draw from them a lot of topical advice, reasonable ideas, moreover, what he taught is essential, very much in line with what I discovered in India. There may be different terms, outwardly different culture, but the basic laws and principles are almost identical. This will be my feedback! सर्व मङ्गलम sarvamangalam (all the best)!

  10. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Lesia Zhurakovska
    1 review
    3 months ago
    Высокая квалификация, колоссальный опыт работы Леонида Михайловича помогали мне уже не один раз. Как первоклассный специалист в своей области, Леонид Михайлович всегда проявляет видение корня проблемы, предлагает пути ее решения и таким образом оказывает реальную помощь в улучшении состояния и полном решении проблемы. Это большое счастье быть знакомым с таким Мастером!

    (Translated by Google)
    High qualifications, colossal work experience of Leonid Mikhailovich helped me more than once. As a first-class specialist in his field, Leonid Mikhailovich always shows a vision of the root of the problem, suggests ways to solve it, and thus provides real help in improving the condition and completely solving the problem. It is a great happiness to be acquainted with such a Master!

  11. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    1 review
    3 months ago
    Top-class professional. Superpersonality. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment, then Fate smiled at you.

  12. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    J. Lawrence
    6 reviews
    a month ago
    Very professional and qualified employees. I really appreciate their work!!!

  13. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    El Caram
    3 reviews
    3 months ago
    Leonid is a true pro in acupuncture and yoga! both theory and practice. highly recommended!

  14. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Cheryl Lawson
    8 reviews · 1 photo
    4 weeks ago
    The staff is extremely professional and the place is well-maintained.

  15. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Анастасия Птуха
    1 review
    3 months ago
    The clinic’s approaches are based on a deep knowledge of human nature. The clinic has no analogues in terms of performance. Best recommendation

  16. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Ranielly Alves
    6 reviews
    2 months ago
    Great environment! Perfect for the patients like me. Can’t thank enough “Acupuncture & KYI” for the excellent treatment.

  17. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Daniel wiseman
    2 reviews
    2 months ago
    I found the best therapist here. They are absolutely brilliant. Now, I am almost free of my horrible back pain. Highly recommended!

  18. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    donna helen
    2 reviews
    2 months ago
    Very neat and clean clinic. All the safety steps have taken by the authority to prevent the Covid-19 virus. This quality highly impressed me.

  19. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Kelly Caldwell
    Local Guide · 19 reviews · 1 photo
    a month ago
    My knees and shoulder were paining for a very long time. when my brother came to visit me, he took me to this Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute. I was surprised that their treatment affected me a lot. I could feel that soon I will be relieved from my pain.

  20. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Vera Lucas
    8 reviews · 1 photo
    4 weeks ago
    This place has been amazing. Their treatment really helped me get rid of my knee pain which was troubling me for years. I would highly recommend this place.

  21. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Jaime Dennis
    7 reviews · 1 photo
    a month ago
    Glad to take their treatment of acupuncture. I will definitely recommend their treatment to all who are in need. These people are true professionals. Also, I will take their treatment next time if I need any.

  22. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Transferred from Google web page. Acu & KYI. Helen Cagle
    7 reviews · 1 photo
    a month ago
    I use to have severe neck pain for the past many years. My neighbor suggested that I should once visit this Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute for the treatment. He also booked an appointment for me. these people were great. They helped me to get relief from the pain and it worked. Thanks, people.

  23. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Lottie Catherine
    1 review
    2 months ago
    All the members are professional and helpful in the “Acupuncture & KYI” therapy Centre. The treatment was very relaxing and greatly improved the pain from my sciatica. I can walk and run for hours now without pain. I am very grateful to the acupuncturist.

  24. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Jim Sandler
    2 reviews
    2 months ago
    Really good! My mother was suffering from disk herniation for a long time. We had taken treatment from a couple of therapy centers. But no one was appropriate so far. Finally, we got the best treatment from Acupuncture & KYI. My mother is feeling better than ever. All the staffs are so friendly too.

  25. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Transferred from Google-Reviews. Thomas Robinson. Local Guide · 15 reviews · 2 photos. a month ago.
    Amazing acupressure treatment! I went to this Acupuncture and Karma Yoga Institute for the treatment of acupuncture. They helped in getting rid of the knee pain I had. Their treatment is better than any medicine that I had.

  26. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Acu Google site – Alice Amelia. 2 reviews. 2 months ago
    At first, I was a little scared about acupuncture treatment. But after taking the therapy from this clinic, my mind totally changed. The overall process is not painful at all. They also use some special techniques to relies on the pain of the patients. I am so pleased with the treatment and the result. Now, I am able to enjoy my life pain-free!

  27. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Reviews – Google. ani joy. 1 review. 2 months ago
    Extremely professional staffs are here! From the beginning to the end of my treatment, I felt calm, relaxed, and assured that I had been in good hands. I have got fast results after only a couple of sessions.

  28. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Google. Wanda Peters. 6 reviews · 1 photo. 4 weeks ago
    Extremely satisfied with the treatment! I must say these guys are the true heroes. Helped me say goodbye to the backache. very affordable and the staff is professional

  29. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Kimberly Bell from Google. 4 weeks ago
    Their treatment has reduced my neck pain so much. I was suffering from severe neck pain from the past 2 years due to car accident. I tried every sort of medicine but there was no relief. I found the website of this company and checked it out. I thought why not to give their treatment a try. Let me tell you, I don’t regret it at all. I am so much better now. No pain anymore

  30. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    Many therapeutic experiences for intense lower back pain, administered with insight and empathy. He is especially good at listening and answering questions, and providing both lifestyle and physical recommendations. I highly recommend Leonid for acupuncture and massage.
    Alex P in East Brunswick, NJ – May 17, 2016

  31. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    After suffering from a bad case of vertigo, I went to Leo for Acupuncture treatments. Within the first hours I felt relief from the nausea and the spinning also subsided. Leonid was considerate and professional, yet kind and caring in his treatment. I highly recommend Leo for others suffering from pain and similar ailments.
    Sandra Machiaverna in Spotswood, NJ – May 17, 2016

  32. Leonid Belenitsky says:

    I was in town for my son’s wedding and suffering lower back pain. Leonid was recommended to me and he found time to see me. Right from the beginning, he treated me like I was going to be a patient for life. He explains everything he is doing to make you feel comfortable. He is a total…

    Vinny M in Mississippi – Mar 24, 2017

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